Private Wifi 

Private Wifi is a personal VPN to protect your identity, sensitive info and personal stuff over public WiFi.

AndPartners was tasked with a host of digital tasks to be launched around the end of 2014 thru 1st Quarter 2015. My jobs ranged from design maintenance to working with their lean crew to develop 2 Android Widgets and redesign their blog to look & feel more current, sharable, and above all...responsive.
Date: 2014
Client: Private Wifi

Agency: AndPartners
Role: Design, UX & Art Direction

android widgets

For those of us in the Google-Ecosystem, it was only fitting for Private Wifi to package-up a couple of Android widgets to easily notify the user if their current connection is safe and secure. The 2 widgets come with the free download of the Private Wifi App.

responsive blog design

Melding the blog-appeal of Techcrunch & the sharable tile-like nature of Mashable, this design takes some of the best features from both sites and gives Private Wifi a platform to build-out their burgeoning thought leadership content.